Create 3-dimensional geometric modular origami structural models using triangular paper and simple corner-to-corner and side folds. Everything you need is included to create multiple models. Includes a sixteen-page booklet of instructions to create three modular forms illustrated in step-by-step format. Learn how to first make modules with two sheets of paper and simple ridge and valley folds. Next, combine these modules into the sculptural models. Children friendly for ages 8 plus. No complex folding. Expand your creativity threshold and understanding of geometric forms through creating paper sculptural forms.
Alexander Heinz has a masters in bookbinding and is currently studying art for teaching at TU Dortmund University in Germany. He teaches bookbinding and geometry, leads workshops for students and adults, and gives presentations at universities and other higher-learning institutes in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Alexander has authored numerous articles about polyhedra forms and other subjects in geometry. With his free-model projects he hopes to unite craft, art, and geometry.

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