The first book about Mark Lindquist? impact on the rise of woodworking from the studio craft movement to high art. Carefully researched and beautifully illustrated, this history reveals a clearer understanding of the art of wood turning and its current position in the United States artistic heritage. Built on the author? exclusive access to the reclusive Mark Lindquist, it features more than 300 photos from Lindquist? archives, many of historic and innovative pieces not seen before. Showing how the choices that the renowned wood-turning artists Mel and Mark Lindquist made have rippled through time, and affect even beginning woodturners today, the detailed information, interviews, and insights here help us understand Mark Lindquist? legacy in moving wood turning and wood sculpture from craft fairs in the 1960s to art museums today.
Dr. Seri C. Robinson?is a professor of wood anatomy at Oregon State University and an avid woodturner. When not scouring the Amazon for new spalting fungi, Robinson can be found teaching wood turning to eager undergraduates, roller skating, or extolling the beauty of spalted wood. They live with their partner and child in the Pacific Northwest and maintain a fridge filled with fungal cultures and, occasionally, food. Robinson? previous books include?Spalted Wood: The History, Science, and Art of a Unique Material?(with Hans Michaelsen and Julia C. Robinson),?Living with Wood: A Guide for Toymakers, Hobbyists, Crafters, and Parents?(with photomicrographs by Dr. Sarath M. Vega Gutierrez), and?Spalting 101: The Ultimate Guide to Coloring Wood with Fungi.

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