Who? at the door? Doodle the Science Poodle introduces her diverse, blended family, which includes an aardvark, three turtles, eight llamas, and a whole bunch of cats. Colorful illustrations combine lovable animals and hilarious commentary for a simple introduction to counting and diversity. Join in the fun and discover who? behind the door with this unlikely family of comical creatures.
Jeffrey Turner had an interest in art his entire life. It began the minute he got his first big box of crayons. He worked in New York as an art director and creative director, creating logos and advertising campaigns. After 30 years, he decided it was time to move on to something different. He co-created and art-directed a magazine for five years, while also designing fabric, before becoming a children? book author and illustrator. He is the author of the Doodle the Science Poodle series, which includes?My New Haircut?and?My New Friends?as well as?Who Broke the Vase?and?Who Am I?

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