Think Zoo Animals combines two things toddlers and preschoolers love?uessing games and animals?o help them learn analytical thinking skills. Its ten flaps are designed with circular die-cut shapes that give clues to the wild animals hidden beneath. Children are invited to listen to the clues, guess the animal, and then lift the flap to see what it is. This delightful, interactive board book and its adorable drawings will provide hours of fun while helping kids increase their knowledge, language, reading, and fine motor skills.

Karen Robbins has devoted her life to children as an elementary teacher,?Romper Room?TV teacher, author, publisher, book/toy designer, and inventor with a US patent. Karen is a right-brain creative whose passion is creating books and toys for children. Karen has over 300,000 copies of her books in the world.?Think Circles, Think Triangles, Think Squares, and?Flags Across America?are her most recent publications. Karen holds a BA from the University of Washington, and an ME from the University of Puget Sound. Karen lives in Gig Harbor, Washington, and is the proud mother of four sons. She loves to entertain and inspire young minds.

Rachael Brunson holds a BFA from Northwest College of Art and Design and lives in Gig Harbor Washington with her two cats, snail, fish, frog, and ever-growing collection of succulents.

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