Children will love following along with a charming pair of white mice named Milli and Matti as they search for colorful patterns to wear to the Festival of the Animals. Along the way they meet many animals such as a zebra, bee, tiger, ladybug, and armadillo, packing the animals?body patterns into their suitcase. The mice take turns drawing the patterns on each other and invite readers to draw along in the book with a felt-tip pen. This kind of repeat pattern-painting is called zendoodling and has a relaxing effect. Included are simple Zendoodle tips and 25 animal outlines for children to copy, enlarge, and fill in for hours of fun.
Gitta Edelmann writes books for children and adults. She works as a supervisor in a public school, where she specializes in creative activities and has drawn Zendoodles with the children. Edelmann has loved to doodle since she was school age. She finds that concentrating on lines and patterns that repeat has a relaxing effect and even helps her come up with new ideas when she gets stuck writing a story.

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