Can small b, the only lowercase letter in the uppercase school, find a way to save the day? When a rainstorm washes away the bridge in front of the school, the letters must warn the school bus to STOP before it reaches the raging river. But Big P has taken a fall! How can the alphabet spell “STOP" without P? Watch b stand up – and upside down – for herself! Ideal for STEAM curriculums, this entertaining alphabet adventure sparks imagination, curiosity, and suspense while teaching problem-solving, creative skills, and teamwork. Like the first book from this author and illustrator duo, C Jumped over Three Pots and a Pan and Landed Smack in the Garbage Can!, Big P Takes a Fall is a unique alphabet story that draws young readers into the exciting world of language and letters. Introducing children to reading and rhyme has never been so wild, wacky, and laugh-out loud funny.

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