G. Andy Chase made his first offshore voyage from theCaribbean to Maine via Bermuda at age ten. At sixteen he worked as adeckboy on a Norwegian merchant ship on a five-month voyage that tookhim around the world. During that voyage he taught himself celestialnavigation and developed an interest in going to sea commercially.Chase graduated from Maine Maritime Academy with a bachelor? degree innautical science, an unlimited third mate? license, and a 100-tonauxiliary sail captain? license. Over the following eight years, hesailed on a number of merchant ships and sailing vessels. In 1987, hereturned to Maine Maritime Academy to teach, and took command of theschooner Bowdoin. He developed a sail-training program for the academythat quickly evolved into an ambitious northern waters sailing program.Chase is now a professor of marine transportation at Maine Maritime. Heholds an unlimited master? license for steam and motor vessels and anauxiliary sail master? license for vessels up to 1,600 tons.

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