This compelling and timely collaboration between photographer/writer Jim Lommasson and American veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars presents Lommasson's portraits and interviews as well as soldiers' own photographs from the war zones. The stories expressed in words and in images are intimate, profound, and timeless. In their own words, 50 men and women speak their truth about these wars?hat they saw and what they did. They talk about the wars' impact on themselves and on their loved ones at home as well as on the Iraqis and Afghanis caught in the crossfire. They talk about why they went to war and how the war came home with them. Our soldiers need to tell their stories, and we need to listen.
Jim Lommasson is a freelance photographer and Author. Lommasson received the Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize from The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University for his American Fight Club series. Lommasson? first book, "Shadow Boxers: Sweat, Sacrifice & The Will To Survive In American Boxing Gyms" was published in 2006. Time Magazine wrote, ?oth up to the minute and timeless, Lommasson? pictures are also affecting, intricate and sometimes just glorious.?Lommasson? second book, "Oaks Park Pentimento: Portland? Lost and Found Carousel Art" was published in 2009. "Exit Wounds: Soldiers' Stories - Life after Iraq and Afghanistan" is a book and traveling exhibition about American Veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and their lives after their return from War. Lommasson is currently working on a book about Iraq refugees who have fled to the U.S. since 2003 called "What We Carried: Fragments from the Cradle of Civilization." Lommasson? work has been exhibited in Museums and galleries around the world.

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