The book extensively covers the use of a knife in self-defense. The technique and tactics described in this book involve using the knife in such a way as to disable the attacker by creating only minor injuries, if possible. The basic concepts can also be used with other weapons or bare hands. Far away from Hollywood clich? and martial arts myths, Florian Lahner teaches realistic concepts for defense?imple, effective, and actually usable. His system is suited for ordinary persons as well as professionals. In this book, the most-important techniques are described and shown in a manner that also makes it eminently suitable as a training manual. Aware of the social responsibility of using knives and weapons, Lahner also addresses the psychological and moral aspects of self-defense.
Florian Lahner, born in 1974, is considered one of the leading tactical trainers in Europe. Since his early youth he has been trained in various self-defense systems and the martial arts.

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