Lars Ahlberg is a retired Swedish army officer. Since his early youth he has been interested in naval history, and he is the coauthor of a monograph about the aircraft carrier?Taih??and the Yamato class of carrier, as well as?Armourclad Fus? to Kong? Class Battle Cruisers, vol. 1 in?Capital Ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1868?945. He has also written books about the Halland Regiment. Hans Lengerer was in government service (executive) until retirement. After contacts with the late Erich Gr?er, he was encouraged by the late J?gen Rohwer to publish on the IJN. He has written more than fifty articles and nine books. He privately publishes, together with Lars Ahlberg,?Contributions to the History of Imperial Japanese Warships, of which seventeen issues have thus far been completed.

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