We all have the conditions to be happy right now! Take the first step with Awake: A Journal, a Guide, a Retreat, a Friend, which is packed with thought-provoking content and actionable practices that inspire ultimate happiness and achievement. Four key foundations—Exploration, Know Yourself, Meaning, and Presence—blend relevant philosophy and positive psychology. All this, along with powerful self-development practices, and engaging reflections boost well-being, creativity, and self-compassion, while easing stress and anxiety to drive you toward peak performance. Awake features over 20 practices such as the Curiosity Challenge, Daily Gratitude, Mindful Meditations, 7 Ways to Let Go, and many more. In addition, guided meditations, self-discovery investigations, mindfulness coloring exercises, and motivational quotes plus tips will allow you to flourish. This is all packed into a beautifully designed, easy to use, personal journal that you can take anywhere.
Evan Sutter is a social entrepreneur, speaker, coach, consultant, and activist. It took living in an old rundown hut in the forests of a Buddhist monastery with his monk brother, including exploring 50+ countries, for him to become a catalyst for reflection and transformation. There Evan stepped away from the pleasure trap and embarked on a journey to enrich the lives of others, our communities, and our planet. Evan has developed a reputation as an expert in happiness, meaning, fulfillment, and positivity--speaking publicly and working closely with businesses and organizations. Evan has been featured on ABC television, The Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Writers Festival, the Happiness and Its Causes conference, the GOTO conference, and a range of popular podcasts.

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