Thoreau once described Cape Cod as "the bared and bended arm of Massachusetts ...boxing with northeast storms." It still stands vigilant, but today it is better known for its beauty than its pugilism! Some residents continue to wrest their livings from the sea, of course, but for millions of people the Cape is a sun-drenched oasis, surrounded by the beauties of the ocean and bay, and filled with charming vistas of sand and surf, quaint villages, living history, and natural sanctuaries.This book captures many of those places. The wonderful color photographs are reminders of days spent in her towns and on her shores, taking the reader out Route 6A to Provincetown, and back Route 28 to Falmouth. For the adventurous or the merely curious, it encourages them to turn onto a side road or get out of the car and follow one of the many foot paths that crisscross the Cape. There are discoveries awaiting around every turn.For whatever reason, this book will be a cherished memento of your days on Cape Cod.
Douglas Congdon-Martin has been a commercial photographer and author for over 20 years, and began capturing the Cape on film soon after his first visit there in 1973. He lives in Pennsylvania and summers at Sagamore Beach.

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