The ceramics of Mexico embody the diversity and cultural wealth of the country itself. The production of pottery is one of the oldest Mexican crafts. There is not a state in Mexico that does not produce some sort of ceramic ware, whether it be for purposes decorative, functional, religious, or playful. This book displays Mexican ceramics of the twentieth century. It is organized by geographic area, focusing on the eight states with the most important potteries. Within these states, the pieces are further divided by village or town, style, family, and individual artisan. Based upon an exhibition of over 1,200 pieces at the California Heritage Museum in Santa Monica, California, each color picture is accompanied by a detailed description of the pieces, including, when possible, the artist, style, place of origin, date of production, and size of the piece. This book will be a useful resource for the collector, the traveler, the artist, and everyone who wants to explore a wonderful aspect of Mexican culture.

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