Chatty CathyTM and Her Talking Friends, an unauthorized history of Mattel talking dolls, documents the famous dolls that were the rage of the 1960s. When you pulled the string they talked! They're all here in this first book devoted entirely to talking dolls-Chatty Cathy, Chatty Baby, Beany Boy, Matty, and Barbie, to name just a few. Read along year by year as Sean Kettelkamp lets you see for yourself why these dolls were so popular. Over 240 color photographs illustrate the adorable dolls, their clothing, accessories, even the talking mechanisms. You'll have great fun looking back at the era of talking dolls. This comprehensive book includes a value guide, making it an indispensable addition to a doll collector's library.
Sean Kettelkamp lives in Minnesota and works in historic preservation. She has collected Mattel dolls for more than twenty years.

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