During the 1970s, the real Cher wore Bob Mackie designs for her TV show as well as for galas and other public appearances. Presented here are the fashions that Mego Corporation recreated, perfect little miniatures captured in doll-size. This vast array of designs showcases Mackie's flair for the dramatic, his gift of the glitz, and his love for the show-biz statement. Fans will be amazed by how many doll-size versions of the real Cher's fashions they recognize and remember. The 1970s live again in baring tops and billowy bell bottoms, slinky metallic gowns, and of course, stretch polyester. It's pure fun turning the pages to see each fashion, with names like "Herky Jerky," "Jumperoo," and "Midnight Blue," in scenes that works the name of the outfit into the action. There are over fifty designs for the Cher?doll by Mackie and many more for the other Mego? fashion dolls like Farrah? Diana Ross? Toni Tennille? and of course, ?Sonny. With values in the captions, this is a must-have reference book for fans of Cher and all her celebrity friends!
Sandra "Johnsie" Bryan has been collecting fashion dolls since 1959. To pay for Cher?doll's wardrobe, the author teaches at a community college in Austin, TX, where she lives with her husband John and their wired terror Jackson. She loves photography, a natural compliment to her hobby of creating scenes so her dolls can "really live."

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