Sandra "Johnsie" Bryan has amassed a collection of Barbie*r dolls and her friends that will amaze and delight the casual reader. She sets them up in authentic scenes representing all aspects of this glamorous doll's adventures, from her annual celebrations to her world travels and from her many dazzling careers to her fantasy homes. This book will take readers back to a time when being grown-up was a make-believe pastime and Barbie*r doll spurred young imaginations. Is it any wonder that she's still so popular? New Barbie*r dolls are a huge marketing success and vintage dolls have skyrocketed in value as sought-after collectibles. This book of photos is a wonderful visit with an old friend that will bring back great memories for everyone who ever owned a Barbie*r doll or knew someone who did.Barbie*r & *c 1998 Mattel, used under license, but not otherwise affiliated with Mattel.
Sandra "Johnsie" Bryan has been buying Barbie?dolls since 1959 and became an avid collector in the late 1970s. This is her third book on the subject, the first two being Barbie?Doll: The Eyelash Era Fashions and Ken?Doll Fashions. Bryan teaches speech and writing for a community college in Austin, Texas.

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