Strawberry Shortcake is an ideal, a philosophy of life that may be looked down upon smugly by collectors of supposedly more "sophisticated" dolls. But Strawberry's charm is in her very lack of sophistication, her refusal to be forced into the grown-up shoes of somebody else's idea of fashion and desirability. Here are hundreds of items that spread the wonderful outlook of one of the "berry" sweetest dolls ever into the hearts and homes of little girls through the 1980s. As they grow up, many girls have continued to treasure this memorabilia that celebrates friendship, kindness, and goodwill, and these items are now resurfacing on the collectors' market--arts and crafts, personal care, porcelain, kitchen items, and much more. This conveniently-sized guide with up-to-date pricing information will help you on your search to learn more about the darling philosophy of Strawberry Shortcake!
Jan Lindenberger is the author of more than 30 fun books on antiques and collectibles with Schiffer Publishing and lives in Colorado. Jennifer Bowles has been collecting dolls for all of her 26 years and lives in Kentucky.

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