From its use of the American bald eagle in the 1860s to Elsie*r the Cow in 1939, The Borden Company has promoted its array of dairy products--including milk, cheese, eggs, coffee, the all-time favorite ice cream, and even dog food--with images that have become American icons. This book is the first-ever complete collector's guide to Elsie the Cow and Borden's*r company items with over 400 color photographs and a price guide. It includes company promotional items such as advertising signs, toys, games, china, bottles, and glass wares, pottery, lighters, neon signs, books, store displays, jewelry, lamps, and much more. These demonstrate the widespread popularity of Elsie the Cow and her role in making Borden's a common household name.
Albert J. Coito, Jr. and his wife, Shelly, both grew up in Modesto, California. Albert, an avid collector of Borden's and Elsie the Cow items, realized they were destined for each other when he discovered Shelly's father had worked for The Borden Company for thirty-three years.

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