Emmons Fashion Magic was the first jewelry to be sold at home parties, between 1949 and 1981, preceding its sister company, Sarah Coventry. Known for its versatility and quality, Emmons jewelry is highly collectible today and deserves a place in all costume jewelry collections. 580 stunning, full-color photographs show, for the first time, the wide range of over 1,300 named designs in various materials and colors that has made Emmons fashion jewelry so popular. Here, over 1,700 jewelry items appear in groups arranged by their materials and colors, for easy identification. The markings and dating clues are discussed. Captions identify the design names, pertinent construction details, and values. Packed with details about the C. H. Stuart companies, their "showcases" (sales catalogs), and marketing via home fashion shows, this is the ultimate Emmons sourcebook and a must-have reference for all jewelry collectors.
After a lengthy career as a mathematical statistician, Cathryn Dippo now pursues several avocations-genealogy, collecting, hiking, and travel. This is her first book related to her collecting habit. Janet Dippo is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Information Officer of a major national research and development laboratory. When not at the office, Janet pursues her passion for jewelry, antiques, the Southwest, and collecting.

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