The Flintstones?have been a part of our everyday lives since 1960 when the show debuted as the first animated comedy on prime time television. Soon it would become one of the longest-running series ever. This American classic has inspired a mammoth amount of memorabilia--including jewelry, mugs, puzzles, toys, dolls, books, tapes, and much more. Over 375 color photos along with descriptions and pricing comprise this guide to The Flintstones*t products and collectibles. It guarantees something for everyone...even if you have modern taste on a Stone Age budget!
Ms. Braun has been an authority on toys for many years. She frequents toy shows and flea markets in search of virtually anything cartoon-related. She has also authored two other Unauthorized Guides to Garfield*r and Looney Tunes*r Collectibles. Currently, Ms. Braun resides in upstate New York.

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