They're back and more popular than ever! The Simpsons?continues to be the longest-running prime-time program still on the air, and fans and collectors are still trying to keep up with the incredible variety of toys and collectibles they've inspired. Having discovered a little extra room in his attic for stashing new acquisitions, the author of the world's first guide to Simpsons stuff, The Unauthorized Guide to the Simpsons?Collectibles (of which the Copley News Service said, "A book worthy of these characters...appropriately witty and well-written."), returns with more. Featuring over 460 brand new, full-color photographs of dolls, figurines, glasses, games, music, comics, promos, and much more, this slightly irreverent and totally engaging book pays homage to those endearing residents of Springfield, USA ,and is, like its predecessor, "pure entertainment" (Antique Week).
Robert W. Getz is also the author of The Unauthorized Guide to the Simpsons*t Collectibles, the very first price guide to Simpsons memorabilia (Schiffer Publishing, 1998). His articles, interviews, and reviews have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, most recently in Toy Shop* and Collectors?Showcase*.

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