The Imperial German Navy of WWI is a series of books (Warships, Campaigns, & Uniforms) that provide a broad view of the Kaiser's naval forces through the extensive use of photographs. Every effort has been made to cover all significant areas during the war period. In addition to the primary use of photographs, technical information is provided for each warship along with its corresponding service history; with a special emphasis being placed on those warships that participated in the Battle of Skagerrak (Jutland). Countless sources have been used to establish individual case studies for each warship; multiple photos of each warship are provided. The entire series itself is unprecedented in its coverage of the Kaiser's navy.
A Marine Corps veteran, the author earned a B.Ed, (History) and is currently employed as a Police Sergeant (twenty-plus years), having been assigned to the FBI and DEA Task Forces. He? an avid student/collector of the Napoleonic Wars and WWI.

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