Use thought power to manifest real change in your life and create a better reality! Everyone sends thought forms, but these forms are generally sent without focus and intent, scattered to the four winds with little impact. Now you can communicate effectively with techniques showing how to manage these forms in your life by controlling your consciousness. Learn the missing steps to creative visualization to enable you to focus your thought power into impactful energy forms and target your thoughts to draw lost people, pets, and objects to you. Find out how to use telepathy to communicate effectively through easy exercises in yoga mediation and practice remote viewing, learn time travel, and heal with your thoughts by targeting your intent for effectiveness. Create thought forms to cover many facets of daily living, including those to heal the self and others.
Von Braschler is the author of many books on consciousness development, dreams, energy healing, and time. He has lectured and led workshops through the United States and the United Kingdom. He has also appeared on many radio and television programs and was a runner-up finalist for a COVR national book award. Previously, he was host of a popular podcast called Healing with your Pet: Our Psychic, Spiritual Connection. Previous books include Seven Secrets of Time Travel, Moving in the Light, and Confessions of a Reluctant Ghost Hunter. He lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, but does most of his writing in a cabin in a remote island in Washington State.

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