A hot, new collectible has gone international as great M&M's*r items are being released all over the world! Now M&M's fans can see lists and values for all known M&M's dispensers, toppers, tins, and other items, plus related ads and displays from the USA and around the world. NASCAR M&M's items, French pocket surprises, and examples of earlier collectibles are all included in this expansive and colorful guide. Get in on the ground floor of this fast-growing hobby and join the hunt for "the collectible that smiles back at you!"
Ken Clee is vice-president of the M&M Collector's Club and has an extensive M&M collection. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Joyce Losonsky is a collector from Columbia, Maryland who has previously written a popular series of guides to McDonald's*r Happy Meal toys and other fast food toys.

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