Change can often create challenges. But knowing youhave effective tools, like the energy therapy of Reiki, to help you ride theroller coaster of life objectively can make a significant difference. Through personal vignettes, live the story of one Reiki practitioner andmaster teacher who found how this empowering tool brought balance to her lifeon a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. This introductory text showsthat no magic power or special gift is required, and it offers you a hand infinding the bridge that is right for you to consciously cross in your own timeand at your own pace. Anyone can practice Reiki, and when we start to open to amore energetic view of life, we simply start to remember what we already know onsome deeper level.
Reiki master teacher, mindfulness facilitator, healer, traveler, tour manager, and author Sam Goddard describes herself as a "life journey guide." Her many years of experience in both corporate and alternative approaches to people and life management, holistic training, and her intuitive gifts enable her to offer a unique—and compassionate—approach in helping others to find and follow their own authentic truth & journey.

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