He is grumpy, yet lovable, and would claw his way through an Italian restaurant for a plateful of steaming lasagna. Who else but Garfield?, the famous cartoon/comic cat, could command this much attention?Created by cartoonist Jim Davis, this orange tabby with a mind of his own hit comic strips in 1978 and now appears in thousands of newspapers worldwide. Scores of Garfield collectibles have surfaced--and their value is rising every day as more and more people jump on Garfield's black and yellow bandwagon.With 472 color photos illustrating more than 900 Garfield items, this essential guide for collectors and fans features a Foreword by Garfield's creator Jim Davis himself. Garfield lovers will find a wonderful assortment of figurines, plushes, mugs, toys, music boxes, displays, and many unusual items, all celebrating Garfield and his pals Odie, Pooky, Arlene, Jon, and Nermal. The captions include accurate descriptions, dimensions, manufacturers, and values. So get ready for a treat--Garfield and the gang are waiting for you inside!
Bob Gipson and his wife, Gretchen, are known throughout the country as two of the most fanatical collectors of Garfield. Now in retirement, the Gipsons live in Pennsylvania and say their love for "The Big Orange Cat" has kept them young, happy, and energized.

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