Woo hoo! Here, at long last, is a guide to the ever-expanding world of collectibles inspired by America's longest-running animated sitcom, "The Simpsons." Since their first appearance in 1987, the Simpsons have lent their familiar faces to literally hundreds of items, from dolls and action figures to clocks and cookie jars. With over 500 full-color pictures of Simpsonabilia that range from the everyday to the obscure, Robert W. Getz invites you to join him as he braves this forbidding, spiky-topped Everest. Prefaced with an essay that traces the history of the show and the reasons for its long-lived popularity, The Unauthorized Guide To The Simpsons Collectibles has something to offer every Simpsons collector, from the beginner to the die-hard fan, including a guide to current prices.
Robert W. Getz has written about Popular Culture since 1986 when his column Notes From A Cranky Turntable began a two-year residence in a Philadelphia monthly. His articles, interviews, and reviews have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, most recently in Magnet, Comics Buyers Guide, and Toy Shop. In addition to his writing, he has hosted a number of noisy radio programs on college and community stations in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area such as WCSD, WTSR, and WPRB.

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