Sarah Steier and Donna Braun have pooled their extensive collections to write A Bit of Brundage, a book about the prolific and very collectible American illustrator Frances Brundage. This volume contains over 500 color illustrations, taken from calendars, books, postcards, paper and cloth dolls, prints, advertisements, and other items--all decorated by the artist during the period from the late 1800s to the mid-1930s.Brundage was atypical of her time, as a woman who successfully supported herself by her art from an early age. She became a well-known and sought-after illustrator, with a working career that spanned generations. Today, those who love her drawings of children and beautiful ladies also will be intrigued by her humor. Students of illustration will find A Bit of Brundage a revelation, and the rest of us will quite simply enjoy it.
Sarah Steier has been an avid collector of old children's books and paper collectibles, particularly those of Frances Brundage, for many years. She taught high school and, later, after her children were in school, she and two friends owned and ran a retail women's clothing business for eighteen years. She has four daughters and seven grandchildren. She and her husband live in Southern California.Donna Braun lives in Lake Delton, Wisconsin, in the heart of the Dells area, and has been an antiques dealer for 48 years. She is married and has two children and four grandchildren. She has written articles for Yesteryear Magazine and taught classes on antiques. She started her collection of Frances Brundage over fifty years ago.

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