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Flower Delights
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Flowers color our lives and make us feel good. This vibrant book uses flowers, floral motifs, botanical information, and legends and myths about flowers as inspiration for artists and crafters of all levels. Illustrated with...

Constructing and Covering Boxes

Learn all the steps necessary to make a variety of colorful, decorative, useful boxes created from book board and covered with decorative papers and book cloth. Nearly 300 color photos illustrate every step needed to...


Throughout marbling? long history, people have been captivated by both its apparent simplicity and its extraordinary complexity. Get to know and enjoy marbling? beauty in this guide from paper artist Freya Scott, whose enthusiasm for...

Paper Joy for Every Room

What? the most fun way to add new creative touches to your living space? As followers of Laure Farion? brand PapierPapierPapier know, the answer is paper! Here are 15 stylish, joyful paper projects to decorate...

Vintage Cardboard Crafting

Think beautiful antique boxes. Think vintage, monogrammed, Art Nouveaux, and just about any box that fits your needs. Add cardboard, fabric, tissue, lace buttons, and other decorations. You are now on your journey to crafting...

Upcycling Books

Bookworms derive great pleasure from the simple act of reading. But what happens when a book is old or damaged and no longer in a fit state to be read? Through 20 do-it-yourself projects, Upcycling...

Mexican Cartonería

Mexico’s love of celebration is well known, and cartonería, a kind of papier-mâché art, produces the objects that are essential to Mexican holidays and festivals, including Day of the Dead, Holy Week, and Christmas. Just...

Painting with Paper

The astoundingly vibrant three-dimensional paper artworks in this book will stop paper art fans of all levels in their tracks. After the initial amazement, enjoy trying this method yourself, expanding your skills at your own...


These 25 projects show how ammonites, lichen rosettes, honeycomb, and other natural forms can help you apply the rules of mathematics to create complexly beautiful works. Clear, paper-art-focused explanations teach you the principles of mathematics...

Introduction to Bookbinding & Custom Cases

The high quality of traditional bookbinding is renowned, and while apprenticeships are difficult to come by today, this step-by-step guide by expert hand-binders is the next best thing. Teaching you valuable beginning and intermediate level...

Prints Galore

This guide to printmaking plunges you into dozens of ways to leave your mark on the world?nd on your walls, tablecloths, garments, and every other surface imaginable. Emphasizing the joy and energy of printmaking, the...

The Painted Word

The charming trend of "putting a word on it" continues to grow in popularity, and this step-by-step approach explores more than 48 techniques for enhancing your art. Create captivating work using simple methods with just...

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