Cuerda Seca
Cuerda Seca


For any ceramic artist who has ever dreamed of making cuerda seca (literally "dry line") tile, this practical and comprehensive handbook covers every aspect of the process, from formulating the right clay body to final installation. Studio layout, equipment, tools,...

Contemporary Black American Ceramic Artists


The first book to honor the contributions, presence, and experiences of Black artists who are part of the contemporary clay community! Readers will gain a deeper knowledge of 38 of today's top African American artists in clay, the earlier Black artists...

Lessons with Clay


Have you ever wanted to create your own ceramics but had no idea how to begin? Expert ceramicist Melisa Dora teaches you everything you need to know to make exquisite ceramic tableware. Step-by-step instructions clearly outline the techniques for forming...

What Makes a Potter


Why are people still handmaking utilitarian pottery in the 21st century? Doesn’t industrial production take care of all our storage and cooking and serving needs? Yet, in all corners of the US, pottery is being discovered, studied, developed, produced, sold,...

The Ceramics Studio Guide


Learning from others' mistakes is always more efficient and less costly than committing them yourself. This book is packed with practical information that will enable potters to successfully complete the many steps in pottery production. Making functional pottery or ceramic...

I Shock Myself


In her own charming, spirited, and readable style, Beatrice Wood tells us the story of her unorthodox life and her influence on 20th-century art. Rebellious, radical, and romantic, Wood (1893–1998) defied propriety to become a true national, and international, treasure....



This is the first book to showcase the work of acclaimed ceramic artist Jennifer McCurdy. Collectors and art enthusiasts will be delighted to gaze at these luminescent forms, lyrically accompanied by the poetry of Jennifer’s sister, Wendy Mulhern. Dozens of...

Wood-Fired Ceramics


With over 500 brilliant color photographs, this book highlights the work of 100 innovative ceramic artists who still use the labor intensive, and sometimes unpredictable, process of wood-firing. Throughout the book, artists share several examples of their work, ranging from...

Ceramics Today


Meet over 120 innovative ceramic artists through 495 striking color photos of original work from around the globe. From small objects for use and ornamentation to large-scale sculptures, see earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain finished in a variety of techniques. The...

Painting Porcelain


The classic porcelain painting from Meissen ranks among the most beautiful and precious of all that the porcelain art has produced. The author shows, in many colored step-by-step illustrations, how the porcelain painter can personally create decorations in the Meissen...

Porcelain Painting with Uwe Geissler


This book is for the beginning and advanced painter alike. Here is a wealth of painting knowledge and an introduction to the time-honored techniques of porcelain painting, the necessary tools and the designs. The central focus of the book is...

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