For any ceramic artist who has ever dreamed of making cuerda seca (literally "dry line") tile, this practical and comprehensive handbook covers every aspect of the process, from formulating the right clay body to final installation. Studio layout, equipment, tools, materials, design methods, and printing techniques are discussed clearly and succinctly, with an eye toward making you comfortable and confident with the process. Design considerations and constraints are illustrated with real-life examples, so that you can make informed choices about patterns and glazes. Delve into cuerda seca’s history and context in the societies of India, the Middle East, Spain, and the western United States to understand the roots of this stunning tile. The exuberance of cuerda seca will inspire you to take this delightful art form further and higher still. An invaluable resource for individual ceramists and production studios alike, this is the perfect companion on the cuerda seca journey..

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