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Chadwick the Crab­™

Cuddle with Chadwick the Crab as you read books from the Chadwick series! Chadwick the Crab, Chadwick's Wedding, Chadwick Forever, Chadwick and the Garplegrungen are all written by Priscilla Cummings and Illustrated by A.R. Cohen....


Abe is the cutest abominable snowman you will ever meet. The main character from Have an Abominably Good Day, Abe is the perfect sidekick for a snowy Christmas Eve adventure. Like his new friend Hannah,...

The Lollipop Monster­™

Larry is the cuddly and wise title character from The Lollipop Monster series. Always ready to share a lollipop from his bag, the companion plush toy brings this wonderfully pink character to life as he...


Straight out of Monstoria, Zabby comes to life in this loveable plush toy, complete with her own stuffed rabbit. One of Larry the Lollipop Monsters best friends, Zabby appears in each Lollipop Monster book and...


"Move aside, Babar, Paddington, Pooh-Bear...make room for Chadwick." ?ttraction Chadwick is a happy Chesapeake Bay blue crab who enjoys a wide circle of friends?uiet Orville Oyster, Matilda (a fussy, near-sighted egret), Toulouse the French Canada...

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