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The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Pictures
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A colorful souvenir photo book that captures the excitement of what’s in store for visitors when they explore the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Nestled in the rolling hills and lush farmland of Strasburg, in beautiful...

The Women of General Motors
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Contrary to popular opinion, the automotive industry is not a man’s world! Since the early days of General Motors, there have been women—known and unknown—who have had vital roles in design, engineering, manufacturing, and administration....

Air & Water
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Throughout the history of the sports car, no marque has epitomized the excitement and passion of driving like Porsche. The Saratoga Automobile Museum, in collaboration with architect Steven Harris, presents 22 of the marque’s rarest air...

Glamour Road

This highly visual book explores the seldom-told story of how glamour, fashion, design, and styling became the main focus of automotive marketing from the postwar 1940s through the 1970s. With the expansion of the American...


A. Aubrey Bodine, newspaper photographer, pictorialist, modernist, and documentarian, was a Baltimore Sun feature photographer from 1924-1970. This book is his archive of train photographs chronicling mid-twentieth-century rail transportation and the people working on the...

Fast Trains Worldwide

The quest for greater speed on the rails is almost as old as the railroad itself. In the 19th and in the first half of the 20th centuries, notable things were being done under the...

Sailing Fascination

America's Cup races, regattas around the world, and Olympic sailing competitions are the classic yachting events where the most picturesque sailing takes place. This broad spectrum of yachting fascinates versatile professional photographer Heinrich Hecht. Over...

Great American Schooner Yachts

The schooner yacht was developed in the United States, though very little has been written about them in this country ?until now. In this in-depth look at some of the great American schooner yachts, the...

From Space to Earth

Fifty years have changed our view of space. The spin-off technologies from the world's space programs have an ever increasing influence on our daily lives. While early spaceflights were mainly nationalistic demonstrations of power, today...

Baldwin Locomotives

Founded in Philadelphia in 1831 by Matthias Baldwin, the Baldwin Locomotive Works became the premier manufacturer of 2-8-2 Mikado locomotives, along with many unique designs built in small numbers for specific clients, such as a...

Iron Trails of North America

Earlier in the 20th century, the Pennsylvania Railroad was the transportation leader in the United States, moving ten percent of the rail traffic with only four percent of the U.S. route mileage. In the northeast,...


With over 150 photos, many full page and of historical, national, and international importance, this book captures on film wrecks and crashes of all kinds: air, highway, railway, and water as well as accidents involving...

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