With over 500 brilliant color photographs, this book highlights the work of 100 innovative ceramic artists who still use the labor intensive, and sometimes unpredictable, process of wood-firing. Throughout the book, artists share several examples of their work, ranging from small pots to monumental installations, as well as their stories about their inspiration, influences, and techniques. The artists also relate how they have adapted various methods of wood-firing to their own needs and environments, using fast-fire, Noborigama, Anagama, and other kilns. Kiln drawings, information about firing logs, clay, glaze and slip formulas, and wood firing resources are also included.The artwork is representative of the diversity of styles, from glazing techniques to the often unique creations based on placement within the various kilns. This book is an essential for all who appreciate or practice ceramic art today.
Born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1965, Amedeo Salamoni is a ceramic artist living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. After obtaining a MA from Kean University in Union, New Jersey, he continued his education at the University of Delaware, where he earned his MFA in Ceramics-Sculpture. Amedeo first began wood-firing in 1990 and has built and fired many kilns throughout his career. Currently, he teaches ceramics and sculpture and directs the galleries at George School in Newtown, Pennsylvania.Through writing this book, he hopes to share his passion for wood-firing and to expand the connections among artists who choose this labor intensive and sometimes unpredictable process.

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