Gaining the ability to see the archetypes in everyday living is a spiritual journey, a pilgrimage to your authentic self. It is a journey of unfolding wisdom leading to increased awareness as you deepen your healing skills and trust your intuition in your personal and professional lives. Because intuitive healing must first be well grounded in established theory and practical advice, you will learn to integrate transpersonal psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy to observe and use archetypal information. This will expand your awareness of how disease and health manifest at symbolic and energetic levels. The tools readers will utilize are visualization, guided imagery, meditation, art expression, journaling, and more. Throughout this book, there are dozens of simple exercises to help you develop an archetypal vision. There are powerful energies behind the magic of the healing arts and understanding them can help you heal.
For over twenty years, Toni Gilbert has used insight-producing modalities such as Tarot, astrology, dream interpretation, and other shamanic tools to enhance her life and her alternative nursing practice. Lynn Keegan is one of the founders of the holistic health focus in nursing and a well-known leader the holistic nursing.

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