Rupert learns more in this second book about making magick, including the meaning of symbols, some that are familiar and some that are new to him. Rupert meets Grandmother Spinner, a very wise spider who helps him to understand why three children are gathering items in the forest to build an altar; and Goddess makes an appearance to teach Rupert and some of his friends how the moon reminds people of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. With 16 enchanting illustrations, these two rhyming stories offer children a glimpse of the vibrant journey ahead of them as they learn more about how to make magick. For readers aged 5 to 8.
Kyrja has authored the Rupert’s Tales, Gatekeeper’s Choice, Shards of Light series, along with The Monster Got Mom titles. Tonia’s life-long labor of love is exploring and expressing the miracles that make up her world. Her work is displayed internationally.

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