Yasmeen Westwood is a self-taught Photomanipulation artist living in Perthshire, Scotland in the United Kingdom. She had always wished to be an artist but could not paint or draw. Then she came across Photoshop. Her passion for playing with images led to the creation of her first deck, The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams. She is a professional photographer who sees magic in both the people and landscapes she photographs. She loves taking images and manipulating them to create magical, fantasy worlds and it is this magic that she has tried to depict in this Lenormand deck. Named after the Muse of Epic Poetry, Kalliope always dreamed of being a writer, even from a very young age. But there is always many twists and turns along the journey, before dreams came true. In her former life she has held careers both in Hospitality and Financial Management, until 2015, when she was called by the Universe to share her innate intuitive gifts with others.

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