Amy Chace is an artist and illustrator. She currently lives in Massachusetts with her amazing husband and a demanding orange cat. She grew up in Rockport, Massachusetts, and you will find that much of her artwork contains ocean imagery like ships, waves, jellyfish, seagulls, and lighthouses. If the ocean holds a special place in your own heart, those symbols may already mean something specific to you, so feel free to interpret them using your own personal lexicon. Amy is a REDFeather favorite. Check out her inspirational oracle deck, Manifesting Your Greatness, as well as her unique journal, the Manifestation Journal. Amy keeps the journal next to her bed, so when it is too late to go typing at the computer and waking everyone up, she writes it in the old-fashioned way and has found that it is very helpful to write it down instead of keeping it all in her head until morning. Keep up with Amy on Instagram @chaceamy. Amanda Rhodes is a spiritual medium who takes delight in providing comfort, closure, and clarity to her clients through the use of mediumship, as well as Tarot and oracle cards. Amanda’s heartfelt approach to communicating with Spirit has made her a well-loved and highly sought-after medium where she lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, offering readings at Reflections Books in Coquitlam, BC. Amanda’s favorite compliment she’s ever received on her mediumship work has been that she looks like a normal, average mom you’d see at the supermarket (Spoiler alert: she is a completely normal mother to her beautiful son, and wife to her wonderful husband). Mediumship has been a pretty wild ride for Amanda and she enjoys every minute of it, even though she is never sure what might come out of her mouth for her clients. She firmly believes that if she ever loses her sense of surprise and awe about the work she does, that will be the day she stops doing it. Follow Amanda on Instagram @amandathemedium.

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