Shadows are said to be part of unlit corners of a space where creatures lurk and mystery dwells. They may also manifest on a personal or even global level to convey demons, fear, or anxieties. In a broader sense, shadows signify unresolved trauma and bring it to the forefront of our consciousness as aspects of ourselves that we can finally acknowledge?he skeletons, mummies, spiders, bats, crows, and ghosts we hide. This Tarot deck and accompanying guidebook provide you with the vital creative tools you need to access your shadows and reveal hidden truths. Alongside traditional Tarot symbolism and meanings, shadow aspects of our archetypal personalities are portrayed as 78 playful and quirky ink-and-watercolor creature cards that offer insight and guidance into our deepest selves. The book consists of a detailed introduction to shadows and shadow work, card meanings, reflection questions, and easy-to-follow spreads to help you discover, contemplate, and integrate previously unacknowledged aspects of your life and personality. For beginners as well as seasoned readers and shadow workers, discover imaginative solutions to everyday challenges as well as complex or concealed conditions. Is it time for you to stop hiding from your shadows?
Monica Bodirsky, BDes, is a first-generation Canadian artist, author, educator, and, professional Tarot reader with over forty years of experience and spiritual training. Informed by a familial northern and eastern European gift for seership and folk magic, she is passionate about making creative tools that foster self-awareness and help people build bridges between the seen and unseen realms. Her work has manifested as the Lucky Lenormand Oracle, the House of Shadows Lenormand Oracle, and the Awakening artist’s residency, as well as numerous international workshops, lectures, written work, and visual arts connecting and integrating Earth-based spirituality with creativity. Invited as a pagan delegate and panelist to the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions, she is also the founder of the WITCHfest North Arts and Culture Festival.

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