As an illustrator, Ted Enik has worked for most of the better-known publishing houses in New York, as well as for the occasional advertising agency, greeting-card house, and pharmaceutical company. He was honored to be tapped to illustrate Eloise in Hollywood and for nearly a decade was an artist for the popular Fancy Nancy “I Can Read™” series. He recently switched hats and is now, happily, writing (and rhyming) up a storm. Beth Roth is a lifelong practical pagan. She grew up in a nine-gabled Victorian home out in the country, surrounded by open fields and hidden streams. Her early environment encouraged her deep connection to the natural world and the discovery that magic is all around us. As a child, she and her sister often played “witches” in their Nana’s attic, sneaking off with the brass cauldron that held kindling by the fireplace. By profession she is an astrologer and Tarot reader. She has contributed to Witches Spell-a-Day crafting spells for aspiring witches. She lives in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with her nonpagan husband of 40 years and their French bulldog, Patty Mayonnaise.

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