Amid the turmoil of the 1960s, the 1964-65 NY World's Fair was a welcomed break that gave a glimpse into the upcoming high-tech age. It was here that visitors would see such things as touch tone phones, picturephones, animatronics & computers for the first time. During the Fair's 2-year run, thousands of souvenirs were sold, and free brochures and pins were given to fairgoers. Today, these items are highly sought after by collectors and those who want to relive their days at the fair. Over 600 color photos along with a price guide illustrate the huge array of collectibles from this fair. Shown also are rare items used in the everyday operations by the employees who worked there.
Joyce Grant is an entrepreneur and collector who has been selling 1960's toys & memorabilia (including NY World's Fair items), on her website TimeWarp Toys, since 1996. Joyce is co-owner of Phoenicia Antique Center & Dustbusters Cleaning Service. She lives in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate NY, with her husband & two children.

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