The climate is changing, and so must domestic architecture. Premium materials?rick, stone, wood?nd timeless design used to be the key to building homes that would last for generations. But a warming planet, coupled with severe weather events, has changed the equation and raised the stakes, sometimes literally. Aimed at homeowners, architects, and builders, this book presents sixteen innovative homes that represent the best of resilient-home practices in four categories?arth, wind, fire, and water?lus a list of resources from organizations such as FEMA and the National Fire Protection Agency. Few local building codes provide adequate protection from the forces of global warming, which will proliferate in this century. These examples illustrate the importance of next-level home design to help resist climate change?he most urgent issue of our time.
Boyce Thompson is the author of?Anatomy of a Great Home?and?The New New Home. The former editor of?Builder?magazine and founding editor of?Residential Architect?magazine, Thompson has spent more than 30 years writing about home design and construction.

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