Doorways, particularly front entrances, are among a building's most significant architectural features. Their powerful visual impact provides a sense of structural design style. The unique and well-preserved historic architecture of San Antonio, Texas, reveals much about the area's history and cultural heritage. Over 180 photographs give a sense of the Coahiltecan Indians at Catholic frontier missions, the spirit of the Alamo, and the rush of progress that arrived with the railroad. "You wish you could grab a knob and walk into the past, when life moved at a slower pace," writes Judge Nelson W. Wolff in his foreword to this book. The broad range of entrance styles also represents many prominent architects who contributed to the city's development. This inventory of beautiful and eclectic doorways will inspire and inform architects, preservationists, photographers, and everyone considering remodeling the front exterior of their home.
Dr. Frederick Preston is a retired educator and photographer who holds a doctorate degree from the University of Massachusetts and served as Vice President of Student Affairs at Stony Brook University in New York. He now lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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