Showcases the most innovative designs of water-inspired applications from around the globe. Presents winners of the Global AquaTekture Visionary Award, a prestigious distinction that honors the finest pool visionaries, inventors, and builders from Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Venezuela, and the United States. The 39 projects shown masterfully blend the natural landscapes, elevations, and vistas with native and man-made materials. Includes exceptional commercial and residential environments, and provides information on the visionaries who created them.
Las Vegans Mary Vail, Joe Vassallo and Virginia Martino, three award-winning entrepreneurs, collaborate on numerous projects. Each brings a unique talent and specialty to the team: Vail is a prolific publicist, Vassallo is a distinguished designer, and Martino is a master marketer. They founded Three V Enterprises and launched GAVA: Global AquaTekture Visionary Awards.

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