Increase joy, reduce stress, and learn how to live more authentically with this charmingly illustrated guide to the popular (and keenly accurate) Enneagram personality profiling system. • Take the quiz provided to determine your personality type • Get tailored tips for living your best life by learning what motivates your behavior • Learn about the nine Enneagram personality profiles through charming illustrations • Learn how to communicate with others effectively • Get to the root of what you need to live more authentically • BONUS: Spark joy in everyday life with 16 mini pull-out postcards If you love taking personality quizzes and are interested in self-development, don’t miss this easy and accessible guide to the Enneagram. Take the quiz provided to find out which type best describes you: • Type 1: The Idealist • Type 2: The Giver • Type 3: The Performer • Type 4: The Romantic • Type 5: The Observer • Type 6: The Supporter • Type 7: The Adventurer • Type 8: The Protector • Type 9: The Mediator Once you’ve learned about yourself, be sure to share the book with friends and family to improve the important relationships in your life.

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