This book shows how to make forty bags and miscellaneous goods with very simple, clear-cut instructions that even total beginners can follow. What makes this book special is that it has patterns with stitch marks at the end of the book. Leather is usually sewn after piercing holes for stitching, which means that punching the holes is the most important part. If the number of holes and their stitching positions match, all that is left to do is sew the item together along the holes. Tanned leather gradually softens. In this book, since thick leather is used and linings are not, the shape of your bag may change depending on age and use. This is actually one of the wonders of aged, tanned leather, that you will enjoy.
Pigpong: Yoko Kanaha & PiggyTsujioka: Pigpong is Yoko Kanaha and Piggy Tsujioka? arts and craftproduction unit based in Tokyo, Japan. Product planning, book design,illustration, dye, creating objets, displays, etc. Pigpong deliversunique projects full of originality.

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