Paracord handle wraps are popular with respect to survival knives and tactical knives. They rest comfortably in your hand, they?e slip-proof, and they?e impervious to moisture and temperature fluctuations. In an emergency, the wrap can often be undone and then you have a practical rope at hand. This clear, straightforward guide teaches everything you need to know, including selecting the paracord itself and weaving the correct wrap styles for underlays, tactical uses, skeleton handles, and more. Over 16 styles and approaches are covered, from basic handle wraps to standard military or looped wraps, to paradox wraps, all the way up to artistic Japanese tsukamaki handle wraps. The techniques are explained step bystep, including detailed photos. The costs for making your wraps, in materials and tools, are minimal, and you can equip both your handmade knives and your manufactured knives with paracord handle wraps.
Jan Dox is a Belgian knifemaker and former parachutist. He has occupied himself with handle wraps in Japanese and tactical style since 1986 and is now seen as one of the leading experts in this area in Europe.

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