Explore how dot drawing can bring new style to your work, from lettering to nature subjects, and everything in between. Also known as ?tippling,?the dot-drawing technique is similar stylistically to pointillism. With the instructions and projects in Dot Drawing, you will create pictures consisting of patterns of dots that are shaded in intensity and placement to give lifelike shape, form, and depth. Artists specializing in all styles can benefit from dot drawing, since?lthough the name sounds so simple?he technique requires a solid knowledge and understanding of the balance between positive and negative space. Start by learning about the best materials and techniques, including dos and don?s. Make your dot drawings more realistic by understanding light, controlling your pen, and blending. Then, guided photos lead you through projects step by step. There are 10 projects to explore and play with in each of 4 categories: lettering, natural motifs, illustration, and tattoo art.
Spider.Money holds a degree in decorative arts and specializes in creating graphic arts, illustration, book cover, and tattoo design for a wide range of clients.

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