COPIC markers are very popular drawing materials used all around the world. This long-awaited book provides techniques for rendering exciting textures using COPIC markers. From basic techniques to entire color sample sheets, this book provides step-by-step visual instructions for rendering textures for a variety of materials, from metals to bricks. Drawings introduced in this book are powerful, and quite realistically rendered. Nobody would ever guess that they were drawn with COPIC markers!
Actively working as a manga artist and illustrator, Mindorihana? techniques for using COPIC markers are highly regarded and allow for items to be captured through the use of color gradation. Textures can also be rendered to precisely capture the quality of an object, whether it is a plant, metal, water, etc. Her unique worldview manifests itself in her illustrations and captivates many fans. She uses different pen names, for example, Midorihana Yasaiko and broccolico. Also, she purposefully uses a man? name, Hidekazu Gomi, as a pen name when she creates manga mainly targeted at boys. Her major publications include:?ROCK, ROCK 2, ROCK 3?(in tank?bon format),?Sh?nen Sunday Comics,?Sh?gakukan, and many others. She currently resides in Tokyo.

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