Discover your artistic talents with this guide to practicing and expanding your watercolor pencil techniques. For beginners as well as experienced artists wanting to explore a new medium, an introduction covers the basics, explains techniques, and offers tips and tricks to help you achieve your visions. The 62 full-page outline drawings allow learners to practice the techniques of their choice, including gradients; shading; color theory; techniques using salt, coffee grounds, alcohol, and sugar water; and dry brushing. Printed on watercolor paper, the images can be removed from the book for painting and framing. They cover a variety of themes, including animals, seasons, nautical motifs, food, faces, and many others.
Madison R. Smolsky is studying to be a doctor of radiology. Her passion for art began as soon as she could hold a writing instrument. Her award-winning artwork ranges from watercolors and watercolor pencils to metal sculpture and medical illustration.

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